DIY rosemary seasalt favors | DIY rosmariini-merisuola

If you liked our simple winter table yesterday, you’ll love this little simple favor DIY. We’re really into wedding or party favors that aren’t simply decorative, but that are of use – and salt, well, just anybody can use salt. Especially when it’s delicious home made rosemary sea salt. 

Jos pidit eilisestä talvikattauksestamme, tulet rakastumaan tähän simppeliin vieraslahja-ohjeeseen. Pidämme eniten sellaisista vieraslahjoista, jotka eivät ole pelkästään kauniita katsella, vaan myös käytännöllisiä. Ja suolaahan kaikki käyttävät. Varsinkin kun se on herkullista, itse tehtyä rosmariini-merisuolaa.

DIY rosemary seasalt favors & free lables | Best Day Ever

To infuse the salt, fill a pot with as much good sea salt as you need (or do this in batches if you are making many favors) and add some sprigs of fresh, clean, dry rosemary. The more you add, the stronger the flavor will be. Mix well, then put on your stove and heat up the mixture on low, stirring every now and again. After 7-10 minutes remove from the stove and pour the salt into a bowl. Let cool down, then cover with a lid and let stand for at least 12 hours, better make it 24. Then remove the rosemary from the mixture and fill the salt into little bottles or jars. Add a fresh sprig of rosemary if you like – the favors just look cuter that way, don’t you think?

Yhdistääksesi maut, täytä kattila niin paljolla suolaa kun luulet tarvitsevasi (voit tehdä sen myös pienemmissä erissä) ja lisää joukkoon tuoreita, puhtaita, kuivia rosmariinin oksia. Mitä enemmän lisäät, sitä voimakkaampi maku tulee olemaan. Sekoita hyvin ja siirrä seos liedelle. Lämmitä seos miedolla lämmöllä sekoittaen aina välillä. Noin 7-10 minuutin kuluttua, siirrä seos liedeltä ja kaada se toiseen astiaan. Anna jäähtyä, peitä kannella ja anna vetäytyä ainakin 12 tuntia, mieluiten 24. Kaada suolaseos valmiisiin pulloihin tai purnukoihin, lisää tuore rosmariinin oksa mukaan, jos haluat, lopputulos on ainakin kauniimpi eikö vain?

DIY rosemary seasalt favors & free lables | Best Day Ever DIY rosemary seasalt favors & free lables | Best Day Ever DIY rosemary seasalt favors & free lables | Best Day Ever

If you like these little labels, you can download them right here in English and here in Finnish. Simply save the file and print onto the paper of your choice. We used the recycled kind, which works beautifully with the simple, handmade look of the lables.


Jos ihastuit näihin pikkuisiin etiketteihin, voit ladata ne täältä englanniksi ja täältä suomeksi. Yksinkertaisesti tallenna tiedosto ja printtaa valitsemallesi paperille. Me käytimme näissä kierrätyspaperia, joka toimii todella kauniisti.



images & styling by Best Day Ever


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  1. Kiitos ihanasta ideasta! Onko teillä hyviä vinkkejä siihen, mistä kyseisenlaisia purkkeja saa?

    • Hi Natasha! We got these from a specialized online shop in Germany. But just google for example ”bottles wholesale” in your language and include your area/country, you’ll surely find something. Well, we didn’t find anything from Finland, so we had to order from abroad, but there should be a range of suppliers available. Here’s a UK shop I found during my research: And here’s the place from where we ordered these little babies:

      Hope you find something nice!

  2. Hey, what size are the bottles? Wide, height? I’m wondering which size would be nicest…

    • Hey Annika, they are about 13cm high and 6cm wide. You can always adjust the tag size by adjusting your printer settings to 90%, 110%, etc.

  3. […] Simplicity is truly elegant and as you may know from reading this blog, truly adhere to the less is more philosophy. Of course on occasion it is OK to go over the top but elegant simplicity is refined. That’s why I am happy to share this Idea of the Week with you. This DIY is perfect for you fellow lovers of simplicity and those who like me shy away if a DIY has too many steps. Just being honest folks! This DIY It will not take too much of your time and I guarantee that these rosemary salt favors by the inspiration filled Finnish blog Best Day Ever will better than a magnet with your picture on it or a votive candle with your wedding date and initials etched on it. Oh and you don’t have to stick to rosemary other herbs like thyme, fennel, saffron even chilies! Find complete direction on here. […]

  4. Anyone know how long these will stay good? We have a wedding shower in July and I want to make these ahead, but don’t know if the rosemary could go rancid. Thanks!

    • They will stay good as long as regular salt does – so for a very very long time. The only thing is that you should add the extra rosemary twig only shortly before you’ll hand them out or use dried rosemary.

  5. The labels look really beautiful! Could you tell me the name of the font, that is used?

    • Hi Jessica

      Aren’t they darling? We actually ordered them from a German online shop that ships also to Finland. Depending on where in the world you are located that obviously won’t help you, but try googling for ”bottle whole sale” or ”bottles in bulk”, etc. While searching for these, I found similar online shops located in the UK.


    • Hi Rita

      I don’t think it’s necessary, but the flavors won’t mix up as nicely. If you prepare these ahead in time, it should work quite well though.

  6. Hey, I was wondering how you attached the labels to the bottle? It looks too perfect to be glued!

    • Hey Emily,

      We actually use a simple paper glue stick for these kinds of projects. It’s perfect because it won’t make the paper all wet and wavy.